EA Exec Teases Next Battlefront, No New Battlefield in 2017

Well we are getting quite close to the end of the Q4 2016, and big game companies usually have these big meetings where they divulge future roadmaps to get investors jacked up for the next year so forecasts stay positive and stock prices stay high.

EA, being one of these companies, had one of their high-ranking officials reveal at an investor briefing in Europe that we will we not see another Battlefield game for at least a few years, possibly 2018 or beyond. It seems EA is jumping into bed with Star Wars as its main shooter franchise over that same time period. The first Battlefront game published by EA sold over 14 million units, despite it severely lacking in some areas. It’s easy to see why, then, EA would want to put its upcoming Star Wars games front and centre ahead of its other franchises.

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