Gears of War 4 Collectibles Guide: Act V

Gears of War 4 launches October 11 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Like past games, players can scrounge the five Acts to find hidden collectibles that further flesh out the world of the game. This handy guide will help you find all the collectibles.

Act I – 17 Collectibles
Act II – 8 Collectibles
Act III – 14 Collectibles
Act IV – 7 Collectibles
Act V – 4 Collectibles

Act V is split into four chapters with four collectibles to find. Chapter 3 does not have any collectibles.

Chapter 1: Convergence – 2 Collectibles

1) COG Tag 1292025 – You’ll see a fight between the DeeBees and Swarm after chainsawing the gate. Rather than engaging, search the immediate right for an alley. Run down the alley and you’ll find the tags next to a COG soldier by a green door.


2) Work Stoppage Order – When you enter the Centaur factory, head immediately to the back right corner of the first floor. You’re looking for the Electrical Room. Enter and you’ll see it sitting right on the panel. (Note: Collectible was acquired before image could be captured)

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Chapter 2: Killing Time – 1 Collectible

3) Speyer Scavenger List – Move towards the rendezvous point after repelling the waves of Swarm, but DO NOT chainsaw your way through the gate. Turn around and you’ll see a tool room with the collectible sitting on the table next to the blue barrel.



Chapter 4: Release – 1 Collectible

4) This collectible is automatically collected upon completing the campaign. Due to spoiler warnings, we will not reveal what it is.

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