Why Blizzard Shouldn’t Remove Symmetra’s Devi Skin

Someone is offended in the world. Who would have guessed? This time the person being offended is Rajan Zed, President of Universal Society of Hinduism. He happens to not like the way my favorite, Overwatch defender looks in one of her skins. Symmetra’s Devi skin to be exact. According to him it is inappropriate and “trivialized Hinduism’s highly revered goddesses.” Mr. Zed further went on to say it was belittling and confusing. I’m sure you can piece together the rest in your head but if you want to read his full statement click here. Essentially, he wants Blizzard to remove the skin entirely from Overwatch.

Why shouldn’t they remove it you ask? Well it’s tantamount to other group’s wanting their way because of their chosen ideals. Which I guess transitions into my first point. Your religious sensibilities do not dictate what others can or can’t do. So if you don’t like having video game characters sharing similarities with your following, don’t make a game where video game characters look like figures in your religion. It’s that simple. However, if other people want to do it and it’s not physically and actively harming someone, too bad. Blizzard has every right to make the skins of their choice.

Next is the tried and true statement, “we shouldn’t have to censor ourselves to comfort your ignorance.” There are over hundreds of different religions in the world and Mr. Zed’s particularly finds Symmetra’s skin offensive. Again, your beliefs do not equate to the rest of the world following suit. You have chosen to believe one way and another has the choice to believe their way. Blizzard chose to make a very beautiful skin and their artists are entitled to it. Art should never be smothered in order to make people happy. Everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief now. I am done with the heavy, philosophical facts of life.

Blizzard is definitely not in the business of offending anyone. They’ve created a whole host of great games with nothing of the offending nature. Unless you of course count the mess that was Diablo 3 for awhile but that’s not the point. In fact, they completely changed a pose for the Overwatch, character Tracer because it was seen as sexualizing. Now for those of you wondering why I’m not complaining about that change, let me explain. Women are more than just being thought of as sexy. (Honestly, I had no problem with the pose but I am not a woman and cannot adequately say how sexulized it wasn’t.) Symmetra on the other hand is simply wearing a costume that looks like a Hindu deity. Removing it would be equivalent to removing Reaper’s Nevemore skin because it’s hurtful to Edgar Allen Poe’s story. One example was negatively generalizing a whole group of actual, living people and the other was just similar-looking to one of many deities in the world.

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