Preview: No Man’s Sky: Captain’s Log of the First Four Hours

Yes, we know, the game isn’t even out yet. Blah, blah, blah. Still, that won’t stop us from having our bit of fun. We’ve played a few hours of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky since getting our hands on a copy earlier today, and we’ve decided to do something a little different before we do the full review. The below is not a review. It’s a creative preview, if you like. If you’re spoilerphobic, don’t worry, there’s nothing being spoiled.

Star Date: 2296 ATGFFW (After The Great Fast Food War)

Captain: Chris Harding

Age: 26 Earth Years, 31 Earth Days

Occupation: Space Explorer – Dishonorably discharged for spreading his dishonorable discharge around the barracks. Often found smoking behind the hoverbike shed. Stole a ship and a transmitter.

Mission: Don’t die. Find cool stuff. Ride a space dinosaur. Name a planet ‘Your Mum’ and then send a picture to friends.


Below is the actual transmission from Captain Harding’s adventures in space. This was not an authorised mission. He’s not even a real Captain, he just stole a ship and recorded what happened.

Captain’s Log

17:15: I’ve awoken on a strange planet. I don’t know how I got here. I think my drinking has finally gotten too out of hand. I’m gonna have a look around and see what’s going on.

17:18: I’ve been playing around near my ship but the damn thing seems to be buggered. I’ve tried to punch it, kick it, jump on it, and even pray to it. So far, nothing.

17:20: My on-board systems that project instructions, helpful tips (but no BBC coverage of the 2296 Olympics, damn it) has helped me. I have to shoot my laser pointy thing and get a few of the local minerals to repair the ship. I’m not a mechanic, but I’m going to give it a go.

17:23: Some floaty metal ball thing is buzzing around. Don’t think it likes me harvesting this sweet, sweet Iron.

17: 24: Nope. Nope. Nope. The metal floaty thing hates me. I’m running for my life.

17:25: I’m hidden behind a big rock. If I don’t make it, please tell my family they’re a bunch of basta– argh, crap, it’s found me!

17:26: It took a bit of time but I managed to overcome the thing with my laser gun. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place… Back to mining, then.

17:39: I’ve finally gotten what I need to get my ship moving. Not sure I really want to get in it though. This planet is rather nice. There’s pretty flowers, weird trees, and animals that look like they’d make some sick pets.

17:40: Another one of those things is after me. They seem to be the law around here. I’m going on the lam via my newly fixed space ship. This could be my last transmission.

17:41: No, this could be my last transmission.

17:43: I’ve left the planet and I am now hovering around in space. It’s weird. I don’t like it. I’m scared of heights. Oh, look, asteroids.

17:44: Today I learned that if you shoot asteroids, you get stuff. Wicked. I’ve got another transmission coming in over my visor. It wants me to go somewhere. As I’ve no idea where I am, what I’m doing, or where I’m going, I’m just going to blindly follow the advice.

17:50: I ignored the advice and went off to another planet instead. It looked good from a distance.

17:58: I’ve landed on this new planet and I’ve named it ‘Pure PlayStation HQ’ in honor of Pure PlayStation which ran from 2016-2023. My great-great-great grandfather said it was an honor to work with those guys. Shame they all choked on those free Doritos after they ‘sold out’ to the corporations.

18:18: A few of the indigenous species seem to be taking a liking to me. Actually, they’re pretty hostile. They’ve got wings and look like mini T-Rex dinosaurs. I’m gonna try to ride one.

18:19: You cannot ride the flying T-Rex things.

18:40: I’ve spent the last 20 minutes running around shooting stuff. I found some weird station where some alien gave me some blueprints. Thanks, I guess. But I’m not an engineer… Or am I? He seemed alright, a bit rude and he didn’t speak English, but I suppose this is his turf so I’ll let it slide. This time…

18:45: The sun’s going down and my visor is telling me that I’m getting cold, my life support systems are running at 50% and that my radiation protection is also running out.

18:53: I’m really struggling. It’s -80 degrees and my protection is almost down to nothing. This could be the end of me. I’ve taken shelter against a tree while I wait for the sweet embrace of death.

18:54: Oops. Didn’t realise I was actually only a few paces away from my lovely warm space ship. Phew. Good times. Back to space, then.

18:55: I’ve run out of thruster fuel and I need to go back into the cold and collect some fuel. Craaaaaaaap.

19:00: Alright, all set. Thruster fuel sorted, I’m ready to leave this planet and do something else.

19:06: Back in space. I’ve been notified by my visor that there are two hostile ships in my area. I’m not sure what I should do. I’m going to just act natural and see if they leave me alone.

19:10: They’re not leaving me alone. I’m in trouble. They want me dead. But why? Why? WHY?!

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