TGIF Readers! (Thank Games It’s Friday) You know what that means; the Pure PlayStation team throws off the shackles of oppression, gets all squiffy, and disgorges a load of gaming goodness all over the metaphorical pavement. Join us, won’t you?

Kyle Durant:

I really really want to play Overwatch but incompetent and just plain stupid randoms really ruin everything that makes this game great. Nevertheless I will Tracer on and try. Rocket League Rumble just came out and I’ve already played it a ton. I expect my weekend to be filled with this great new game mode.

Chris Harding:

‘Ow’s it goin, me old China? Yes, I’m going to be playing the London gangster game Filthy Lucre this weekend. Once I’ve had my fill of working for the mob, I reckon I’ll give The Tomorrow Children a whirl, see what all the fuss is about.

Jason Frye:

It will be a cheap weekend for me. I will be going through the PlayStation Plus games for September and seeing if any stick with me. Right now, I am most excited about the contradiction title, Amnesia: Memories. I look forward to powering up the Vita any chance I get.

Dom O’Leary:

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