Preview: Hands-on With RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

I’ve covered Guerrilla Games’ RIGS: Mechanized Combat League quite a bit here at Pure PlayStation. It’s my most looked forward to PlayStation VR title and I can’t wait to try it in a home setting. Luckily, I was able to try a demo version before its release this coming Thursday. I was only able to play half a standard match against A.I. so the experience ended at halftime. Of course I’m going to need much more time before I provide a detailed review or opinion but my thoughts on RIGS hasn’t changed. For better or worse.

If you know or have followed me you’re aware I’ve participated in the eSports scene a little more than most people. Kind of like a semi-professional if you will. I’ve achieved tournament/event wins, sponsorships, high rankings in a dozen games, and more. It’s now probably quite evident why RIGS: Mechanized Combat league is my most anticipated, virtual reality title. The game has sold itself as a competitive shooter for the new age of gaming. Heck, even the logo looks eerily similar to MLG’s insignia. Being able to physically look around, to the side and behind me, while in a shooter is a near dream come true. I’m not limited to the game’s camera and that literally gives me goosebumps.

As I was strapped up I had to sit through a few menus. Nothing too annoying or in-the-way though, just screens showing me how to play and what the controls were. Pretty basic stuff really. After patiently sitting through the instructions I was in an underground garage that housed the mechs. Kind of like a NASCAR garage where all the drivers and cars hang out before a race. There were a few teammates of mine directly in front of me trying to get the group pumped up. I’d have to say it worked because they were directly in my face nodding their heads and raising their hands. Then circular, floating robots appeared and lifted us up to our RIGS’ cockpit. Not a bad touch.

I was lifted into an arena that looked pretty nice regardless of which way I looked. There were about four raised areas that you could jump up to and the floating ring, or the “goal,” was in the middle of it all. A few tunnels were underneath the raised areas but it wasn’t a definitive feature of the map. Before I knew it the 3v3 match had started and we were free to move. The HUD was cool. Like really, really cool. Toward the bottom right was a display of which ability your RIG had active at the moment. Mine had the power to slowly repair itself and enter an impact mode. Sadly, I kind of forgot what it did as soon as I started playing. What can I say, I was excited. Best of all was the mini-map at the bottom left of the screen. It rotated with you and had a 3D model. Additionally, notifications for match time and score were there in the shape of an elliptical.

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